Japan's parliament passed the new Japan US trade agreement, which will come into force on January 1,


In September this year, U.S. President trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe signed a trade agreement in New York, the United States, which agreed to reduce trade tariffs on agricultural products of the United States and industrial products of Japan. On December 4, the Japanese parliament passed the trade agreement.

According to the associated press, when the two countries reached a trade agreement in September this year, trump said that this meant Japan would reduce tariffs on about $7 billion of U.S. agricultural products, including beef, pork, wheat, cheese, corn and wine. According to Japan's agreement, a small amount of agricultural products, such as steam turbine, machine tools, and so on, have been reduced. The trade agreement will enter into force on January 1, next year.

Although Abe called the deal a win-win, critics say it is more beneficial to the United States, which continues to impose a 2.5% tariff on Japanese cars and parts, because it excludes car products.

It is reported that Japan and the United States will also carry out the next round of negotiations on trade issues, at which time the tariff on imported automobiles may be discussed.

Trump announced his withdrawal from the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) signed by former President Barack Obama after he took office. Since then, American farmers have felt that they are at a disadvantage in the export market compared to those in Australia or Canada.